Why Video Covers

Add some flair to your website and Facebook Page. Instantly grab the attention of visitors. We’re excited to introduce video headers and specialty custom GIFS that will do just that.

Adding a video header or GIF to your Facebook page or website is a great visual way to show what you’re all about. You can showcase your work with a live video tour. Atmospheric videos on your site can be pretty dang cool, especially with the rise of video content interest on the internet. Captivate your visitors the moment they enter your virtual home.

Video is the best way to draw attention. Stunning video or animation in the background can easily make people stop and stare, then examine it, increasing the time they spend on the site, and hopefully lead to more interaction with the contents on the site.

Websites With Video Covers

Facebook Lead Generator Software
The Future Of Translation Services
Fireside Video Books
Las Vegas Vertical Gardens
iCabber Transportation Booking Software
Stop Smoking & Start Breathing
Real Estate Video Covers
Art Gallery Video Covers
Restaurant Video Covers
Hotel Video Covers
Auto Sales & Repair
Sushi Restaurant Covers
Dental Practice Covers
GIF Maker Pro Designs
Computer Repair Technician
Massage Therapy Video Covers

Sample Facebook Video Covers

Facebook Lead Generator Software
The Blaine County Crisis Hotline
Real Estate Video Covers
Art Gallery Video Covers
Sushi Restaurant Covers
Dental Covers For Facebook
Facebook GIF Designs
Computer Repair On Facebook
Massage Therapy Video Covers
Auto Sales Video Covers

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Free Plugins

Change Username

When WordPress is installed it sets your login name to “admin” by default.

If you want to change it you need to manually edit the database.

We have the solution

This simple plugin will let you easily edit your username from within WordPress.

Get it free today

Exit Pop Up Plugin

Exit Popup intelligently detects the mouse behaviors and then pops up a modal window when your visitors are about to close the current web page.

Display almost anything you could display on a normal web page using HTML

Check it out as you exit this page.

Control the Height and Width and how often your visitors see the popup

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger for WordPress allows your visitors to easily Live Chat with you via your Facebook business page using Facebook Messenger.

Allow your Clients to Easily Live Chat with your Business

Support your Customers using Facebook Messenger as a Live Help App and Get Instant Notification on your PC and Phone

Facebook Slide-In TAB

Add a slide-in Facebook Page Tab to the side of your WordPress website.

See that Facebook tab on the right hand side of my page?

You can have one too!.

Your visitors can see your Facebook page without leaving your site

Give it a try now